Retail Omni-Channel Strategies

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The way consumers shop is ever evolving, and retailers are striving to meet these consumers where they are.  While many retailers have begun offering multi-channel solutions to consumers in an attempt to keep up with general societal demands, without fully integrating into an Omni-Channel toolset built to meet these needs, retailers are creating more work for themselves and often miss the mark on meeting the expectations of their customers.  Investing in a Distributed Order Management solution enables retailers to track all of their inventory in one place, trend out point of origin of demand for better forecasting and demand planning, and offer consumers multiple ways to get the product they want, when and how they want it.

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Reverse Logistics usually gets a bad rap for being discombobulated, time consuming, and operating at a loss. With many of my colleagues and former professors completing research on the topic, when I identify a company that's doing awesome things in Reverse Logistics, I like to applaud them and give them credit for their creativity, organization, and leadership in the space.

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