Retail Omni-Channel Strategies

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IoT Primer for Retailers

By Leslie Hand

Not a new concept, the Internet of Things (IoT) is already ever present in the lives of consumers and is being applied in retail to increasingly improve the customer experience. Consumers expect that within five years, retailers will engage them with personalized and contextualized interactions. In the same time frame, if the retailer hasn't figured out how to improve real-time inventory accuracy to 98% or better, it will struggle to close the online or click-and-collect sale. The bottom line is, retailers can improve operations, reduce risk and loss, and wow the consumer with IoT-enabled capabilities.

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A recent discussion with an experienced industry leader who is working to reimagine the role of the high street store has highlighted some important implications of current retail omni-channel trends that will have a profound impact on retail business models and IT strategies in future. Rapidly changing, technology-led consumer expectations and demands while online and in-store will make it essential for retailers to better align their business and operations with the core notion of customer-centricity, which goes far beyond providing exceptional customer service.

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