Retail Omni-Channel Strategies

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Oracle paid $5.3 billion (£3.1bn) for Micros last month, the most it has paid since it acquired Sun and its entire Java, Unix and server and storage businesses in 2010 for $7.4bn (£4.3bn). The price Oracle was prepared to pay for Micros therefore underscores the importance it now places on growing its presence in customer-facing industry sectors, where it claims to already have 20 of the world’s top retailers signed up as customers. In buying Micros the addition of its hospitality business will augment the Oracle Retail and Commerce portfolios as well as its customer base.

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We spend a lot of time talking about how the consumer is driving a significant transformation in retail - the consumer's experience is fluid, digital / physical convergence is assumed and omni-channel is a way of shopping (albeit absent from their lexicon). The retailer needs to capitalize on the opportunity - of the shopper that is always just a few short clicks or steps away from their next purchase – because the shopper just may be shopping somewhere else. And surprisingly, some retailers are still wading through omni-channel project prioritization and justification phases. They are stalled for lack of clarity or for lack of budget, despite seeing the writing on the wall that clearly indicates these projects aren't just about improving short term performance, but about adapting to a new customer centric and omni-channel business model that will be the key to long term viability.

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