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The rise of the tech savvy consumer has impacted everything from customer's expectations to future technology investments made by the enterprise. In the cross industry Web conference, New Consumer Expectations and Impact on Banking, Healthcare, and Retail, we highlighted key findings from IDC Financial Insights, IDC Health Insights, and IDC Retail Insights regarding consumer adoption trends and the impact of third platform technologies that has enabled broader consumer engagement initiatives across the three industries.

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Contrary to common wisdom, our recent IDC Retail Insights Annual Shopper Survey revealed that only a minority of consumers are openly disposed to the "give to get" exchange of private information for guidance dependent on a retailer having access to personal information. Retailers have to learn to earn the privilege of engaging consumers based on their activities on social network, mobile apps, 3rd party apps, and You Tube, to get beyond their being comfortable with you know with what they've purchased. Only about 50% of retailers have a formal governance process for managing "give to get" data, creating risks for individual retailers and the industry overall. On the positive side, behaviors associated with privacy spending and guidance seeking, e.g., using five or more connected devices or seven or more apps, are ascendant.

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We attended Oracle Industry Connection 2014 last week--its inaugural multi-industry customer conference fashioned after its successful retail industry event CrossTalk. The event offered additional proof points that Oracle's broad set of applications, technologies, services, and partners are well suited to meeting the needs and aspirations of large and mid-sized retailers in fashion, food, and hardline segments.

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