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Packed full of accounts of the successes, challenges, and requirements facing retail mobile implementers, my day chairing the retail track at Mobile AppsWorld on February 6, 2014, was well worth the trip to San Francisco. I plan on writing about several of the topics that were discussed, and in this piece I will focus on a start-up vendor that fascinated me during a panel session I hosted. The vendor, ThirdLove, fascinated me with a capability and product that leverages patented mobile and 3D technology to sell custom fitted bras (that it designs and produces).

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We all know that the National Retail Federation's (NRF) is a worldwide event, where all the major technology companies showcase to the entire world all their major innovations and breakthrough that will be marketed worldwide. Although the event itself is global, we had the possibility to directly engage with many IT vendors' representatives taking care of the Europe. In this short post, we will briefly summarize the most important discussion points we had around the European region. Before going into more details, it is important to say that each IT vendor – we spoke with – had its personal and own vision of the European market; however, some common elements emerged around the high level dynamics.

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