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Retailers are working to cater to the needs of the stop start shopper, (i.e. customers who move across a number of channels and touch points over an undefined period of time before making a purchase). Creating a seamless customer experience across channels to reap the benefits of more loyal customers and higher basket spend is still very much at the top of retailers' to do lists at NRF this year, and although much of the technology on the show floor was focused on the physical store, it was mostly wrapped with the omnichannel customer experience theme.

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Through the course of our research for our recently published report Vendor Landscape for Grocery PLM and Traceability Solutions, we identified a distinct interest by grocery retailers in transforming their supply chains to something akin to what many in the industry are referring to as a "smart" supply chain (Doc #GRI239070, 2013). Clearly the time of the smart supply chain is upon us, and grocers are in a unique position to leverage the transformation of their supply chains to respond to customer needs for greater visibility, and industry demands for compliance and traceability efforts.

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Yesterday Target announced year-round price-matching against a shortlist of online,,, and in addition to matching a local competitor's printed ad. Let's look at this in the context of the showroom showdown that pitted 48 million shoppers this holiday season against retailers selling through stores.

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5 Retail E-Commerce Predictions for 2013

By Christine Bardwell

In addition to our Worldwide and EMEA Retail Predictions for 2013, here are 5 retail ecommerce predictions for 2013. As always, we welcome your views and feedback.

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Post holiday season and moving into a new year, I'd like to discuss how retailers are doing and suggest some very pragmatic to-do's for 2013 to complement our annual predictions (IDC 2013 Retail Insights Worldwide Retail Predictions). We have stressed that retailers need to drive towards a fully orchestrated and optimized set of customer facing and supply chain processes, but I will start with remarks that come from a very fundamental consumer perspective - mine (of course influenced by the fact that I am an analyst). I'll get to the Smarter Operations discussion later in this post.

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