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Completely consistent with anecdotal reports from retailers, our 2012 IDC Retail Insights Supply Chain Survey results reveal that more retailers identify their supply chains as service-focused, but only marginally more than identify as cost focused (37.9% and 34.6% respectively). The tables are turned however, when retailers tell us about their top supply chain priorities over the next 12 months with 76.5% citing reducing costs and 73.9% improving customer service.

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In this IDC Retail and Manufacturing Insights conference update we evaluate the recent SAP Sapphire NOW conference from a retail perspective. We discuss the most relevant product releases, technology roadmap announcements, and provide the recent state of the company in terms of emerging themes and agendas for the upcoming year that will impact retailers. Please read IDC's cross-industry report that covers SAP Sapphire NOW at much greater breadth and depth.

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IDC Retail Insights carried out a survey earlier this year in Western Europe (France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, and U.K.) among 80 retail companies with more than 250 employees, in which it asked respondents about their attitudes towards - and plans for - cloud adoption. This brief post wants to highlight the most relevant results that emerge from the study "Business Strategy: Current and Future Cloud Adoption Trends in Western European Retail" (IDC doc # GIPW04U).

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RedPrairie, the supply chain and retail technology provider, recently held its annual user conference, RedShift: 2012 in Hollywood, FL with over 1,000 attendees and a general sense of excitement about serving the hyper-connected customer better by keeping "Commerce in Motion".

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