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RFID: The best is yet to come!

By Luca Bonacina – 1 Comment

Nowadays, not only retailers involved in RFID pilots or rollouts are increasing, but also the scope of those projects is changing. At the dawn of the technology, RFID usage was limited to the supply chain area; nowadays, finally the border has been crossed: RFID has started to be used within the store with the final goal being to better engage with customers and increase the overall shopping experience. This is the case of the marketing campaign that was set up for Starhub Online Music store.

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OmniChannel Retail Field Trip - IKEA

By Ivano Ortis – 3 Comments

What a better activity than doing shopping at IKEA for the kids' room on a Sunday afternoon? No room for impulse buying this time, it needs to be an effective shopping session. Let's first check products online, verify measures, and compare specs and options. Now I am ready to drive to the nearest store with confirmed availability for my list of selected products.

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I haven't really read too many recent case studies about retail supply network transformations – probably because in an omnichannel customer centric world, this really is an important secret sauce for outpacing retail competitors in customer service. To protect the anonymity of the vertically integrated retail story I am about to tell, I will not reveal any details that gives away who they are, but I will say that I am very impressed with the transformation that has occurred in their supply chain.

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We continue to glean some surprising insight with the mobility research we are conducting in Canada - retailers are making significant headway with mobile strategies and see mobile as the promise of better customer engagement but a bit of a thorn in their side figuring out how to put all the pieces together.

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Later this month we'll publish our take on the most important business and technology trends--tides, too, you might say--affecting vital concerns and capabilities retailers will need to navigate as 2012 unfolds. Retailers who master these trends will gain the advantage and likely hold it as the economy improves. The first two trends, regarding the 3rd Platform for IT strategy and the centrality of customer strategy to success, shape the remaining eight.

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The objective of our annual IDC Retail Insights eCommerce conference is to provide retailers a clear view of trends, changing habits of online consumers and share eCommerce strategies that work, so that you can ascertain what is right for your organization. The event will be very interactive with group sessions that will enable you to discuss the new concepts with your peers.

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