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The Amazon of Russia: OZON

By Christine Bardwell

The IDC Retail and Manufacturing Insights team recently had a chat with Maelle Gavet, CEO of, the online retailer being dubbed the Amazon of Russia. We will soon be releasing an in-depth case study of OZON's business and future strategy, but here is a quick post with some facts and figures about the retailer to whet your appetite.

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Can Technology Save The Department Store?

By Leslie Hand

Over the last couple of days, J.C.Penney, under a new leadership team headed by CEO Ron Johnson, unveiled a transformation strategy that spans functional areas of the organization. Financial analysts and the market responded favorably - J.C. Penney shares ended up 11% today. Steven Russolillo of the Wall Street Journal quotes Ron Johnson, "We are fundamentally re-imagining every aspect of our business and we fully expect the bold and strategic changes we are making to our operations will result in improved

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I've blogged about the merits of collective intelligence (CI), aka wisdom of crowds, as a "new and improved" way of "reading the tea leaves" to identify which forthcoming products will be hot and which not. I know it works--MIT's center for collective intelligence, to cite one example among many, has assembled several proof points. Two developments last week, mid-January 2012, suggest CI is about to gain traction in retail.

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As a follow up to Leslie's post on January 4th, 2012 'Prepare for the NFC Enabled Consumer Now', this post provides a quick overview of contactless payments and NFC mobile payments in the UK.  

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NFC in Retail Will Mimic eCommerce + WiFi

By Ivano Ortis – 2 Comments

In the International markets we have completed, during 2011, custom research efforts to provide support to retailers that are seeking answers to the following questions: To NFC or not to? Which vendors should I select for payment terminals and payment processing?  Are there other key IT implications to consider beyond payment terminals & readers, payment software engines, acquirers, promo and loyalty software changes?  I thought about sharing some of the overarching findings that emerged from

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The concept is the following. When you search for something in google or other search engines, the results are linked to the keywords you submit. Certainly google and other search engines have sophisticated algorithms and capabilities that make it such powerful tools. And their search spiders spreads into social media too. But when the individuals use social in the first place they actually find a lot of information.

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Prepare for the NFC Enabled Consumer Now

By Leslie Hand – 12 Comments

NFC is moving out of the hypothetical realm of the possible into the realm of deployed reality. As a result, it is now necessary for retailers to prepare to capitalize on NFC enabled technology! Don't panic! This is a call to prepare for - not to fully implement NFC capable technology, although in some cases the latter may be the right thing to do. To prepare, retailers should consider the opportunities to engage consumers with NFC enabled capabilities including wallet, payments, coupons, product informatio

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