Retail Omni-Channel Strategies

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The 20+ year-old model of retail planning with its overreliance on POS data for customer insights is insufficient for optimising local assortments on the basis of automated space-aware and inventory constrained procedures. For example, ICA, Sweden's leading grocery retailer, has undergone a transformation in their assortment and space management process to deliver a differentiated offer at the shelf in their multiple store formats.

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Quick response (QR) codes are showing up on everything it seems, but I never expected that while on vacation in Estes Park, Colorado / Rocky Mountain National Park I'd see a tourist information sign made up of nothing but a dozen different QR codes. Why wouldn't I? I don't know – maybe I thought I was the only one that didn't leave my quickly growing cache of mobile devices at home when I headed for a National Park for vacation! Silly me! Even more peculiar to me is the apparent assumption that everyo

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