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The retail workforce is typically young, inherently social and incredibly smart. Optimizing the power of this workforce will require retailers develop social, gamified platforms that enable these workers to connect with each other, their work, rich information/content and real time inventory information. The vision is people, inventory and work are all accessible via a social networking platform. Work is performed collaboratively and with an array of available resources.

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I promised another blog post regarding operations efficiencies and strategies when I published Don't Hold Your Breath until It Gets Easier To Be a Grocer - Supermarket Trends. So here it is… Grocers fared relatively well through the recession, but not without diligent attention to inventories and margins.

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Retailers of any kind and size have been busy during the past 6 months on identifying and driving key strategic initiatives for their businesses. From better supply chain performance to group wide consolidation projects, to next generation merchandise management and customer engagement programs, retailers demonstrate a relentless drive to innovation. But with the 2011 holiday season rapidly approaching, retail IT organizations are now preparing to fulfill availability and scalability requirements, as well a

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RRM 2.0: More Thoughts

By Greg Girard

Now eleven years in the making product-oriented Retail Revenue Management 1.0 delivers what it promises--maximizing financial objectives and burnishing a retailer's price image by focusing on product lifecycle pricing. Today, that's half the battle. In the new battleground reaching these objectives hinges as much on optimizing customer offers, RRM 2.0. Here's an overview of the challenges...and opportunities.

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Retail at the 2011 Halfway Point

By Robert Parker

As the first half of the calendar year ends, I thought it would be good to look back at the predictions we made at the beginning of the year to see how things are progressing.  Our big theme around the influence of omnichannel retail brand strategies is certainly taking shape - we may have even understated the impact.

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Are We On the Cusp of Dot-Com Bubble 2.0?

By Christine Bardwell

Current happenings in Internet-related technology companies could be pushing the industry to the cusp of a new market bubble. Here's my view.

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RIS News has already published our Fifth Annual RIS News / IDC Retail Insights Supermarket Benchmark Study. I will publish an even longer, more comprehensive version as an IDC Retail Insights report soon with more graphs and analysis. In essence, the report captures the retail response to a tough grocery retail environment, complete with major shifts in IT investment plans, assortment priorities and consumer facing capabilities.

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