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On March 14, IBM announced "Smarter Commerce," a strategic initiative that addresses the surging market for ecommerce solutions that take advantage of the convergence of a number of disruptive software and hardware technologies — disruptive because of their combined effect in altering the way end users enable commerce and consumers to interact, both B2C and B2B. IBM is looking to help clients harness the power of these technologies through the creation of new dedicated service resources in I

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Germany has  been able to increase its overall retail sentiment during the fourth quarter of 2010, even if its retail volume performance has not been really outstanding. France has confirmed a positive trend in retail sentiment, marking a considerable increase compared to the third quarter of last year.

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The Future of Payments - Mobile and NFC

By Leslie Hand

You gotta love blogs - I don't usually write much about payments, but I have had so many inquiries on the topic lately, that it made sense to share my thoughts with a broader audience. Mobile Payments A growing number of small businesses are benefiting from smartphone based mobile payments capabilities. A growing number of companies including Square, Swipe It, Innerfence, Intuit  and VeriFone have introduced mobile payments capabilities targeting small to mid-sized businesses. Not only do these compani

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Is it time for a retail distribution and logistics check-up in light of $105/barrel oil and operational product flow needs? The impact of increasing fuel prices is obvious - the cost of goods sold and margins are directly impacted. But the simultaneous impact of rising commodity prices and rising costs to manufacture and deliver product puts serious upward price pressure on consumer products. As we continue to rebound from recession, this is not good news.

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