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I am three-quarters of the way through the process of doing the research for a PLM MarketScape report, and I have had some insights that I would like to share today. There appears to be somewhat of an "Amazing Race" towards implementing technology and process that radically improves the efficiency and quality of product development and sourcing processes. That said retailers and vertically integrated retail/manufacturers are often at very different starting points when they initiate PLM projects, and their

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Have you heard? Macy's is planning on rolling RFID out to all of their stores in 2012. For now, Macy's will focus on tagging their replenishment items, which make up about 30 percent of its sales. The company says it will concentrate on items such as denim, women's shoes, and men's furnishing during the initial launch of the RFID technology next year.  So the question to competitors is, should this worry you?

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Today, I'd like to discuss SMB retail - what the ideal technology stack may be composed of in the years to come contrasted with where they are today. The competitive and ever changing retail environment, in the shadow of economic recession, has primed SMB retail businesses for a long delayed technological renovation.

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