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IBM announced a definitive agreement to acquire Netezza, a provider of high-performance, low TCO data warehousing appliances, a footprint designed and developed on IBM systems technology. The deal is expected to close in the fourth quarter of 2010.This move must be seen in the context of IBM's evident strategy to build out a business intelligence and analytics capability in retail and across other verticals.

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Whence and Wither Fashion: Catwalk or Sidewalk?

By Greg Girard

Last week I blogged about two miracle workers, merchandise lifecycle management and collective intelligence, and posited them as enablers of better design, buying, and assortment decisions. Having done so, I now realize that at least with respect to the latter, collective intelligence, that I put the cart before the horse. By that I mean, I asked you to commit what you might deem an unnatural act if you're in the fashion business. I asked you to assume that consumers, whose points of view collective intelli

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I recently fielded a call from a reporter at Fortune researching a story about how retailers can use collective intelligence, what some have taken to calling "crowd computing," to predict which new products will perform well and which ones will be dogs.

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I read an excellent article in Internet Retailer about the debate around the recently introduced Delahunt bill that would compel Internet retailers to collect sales taxes on on-line sales in the United States.  The article reminded me of a report I wrote when I was covering e-commerce in the midst of the inflation of the dot com bubble. In that report I identified government intervention, mostly sales tax collection, has one of the 5 key things that would influence e-commerce adoption.  My general

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Nordstrom has always been known for excellent customer service - customer service delivered by well-trained and experienced service oriented associates. But in the 21st century, even the best employees are handicapped unless advanced technologies are leveraged to ensure a consistent customer experience across all channels – web, catalog and stores. From a consumer perspective, the most critical capability is an efficient shopping experience – web, mobile, store and call center – which incl

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Lessons learned from the Conad del Tirreno case study. IDC Retail Insights believes that an effective pricing strategy, based on advanced planning and efficient execution abilities, enables retailers to understand how price affects customer segments, categories, and promotional decisions with the objective of shaping future demand patterns based on positioning strategies.

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