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During a recent retail conference, we asked retailers whether planned 2011 capital expenditures on technology are increasing, decreasing or staying the same. In most cases investments in technology are increasing. They are increasing because of a tangible understanding that retailers need to innovate to serve the customer better, but they need to do this at a lower cost of doing business.

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We just announced the results of a new survey report, “Outlook for Mobile and Social Media Commerce in the 2010 Holiday Shopping Season.” Our study reveals the impact m-commerce and sm-commerce, together msm-commerce, will have over the next six weeks.

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I have always maintained that some RFID business cases make a whole lot more sense than others. Two of the cases that make absolutely good business sense are the case for RFID tagged articles (clothing, shoes, etc...) for specialty retailers and the case for using RFID enabled temperature sensors in the extended perishable goods supply chain. Note, I specify the apparel and footwaer case is particularly good to undertake for the specialty retailers - those with full control over how articles are t

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Shopping should be fun. Like in Singapore, known by many as one of Asian Retail Paradises, where I spent a busy retail industry week last week. Let's smile, is going to be a fantastic experience! Have a taste of some of the mall snapshots we gather in Singapore.

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