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Three of the 22 companies covered in our recent report, Vendor Assessment: Retail PLM/MLM -Bringing Quality Product to Market Faster (Doc #G R I 220578, November2009), announced acquisitions in November -   Gerber acquired Yunique and TraceOne, not covered in my report, acquired Eqos. Interestingly, the press releases came and went, with very little fanfare. We have not seen much discussion about either acquisition in the PLM blogosphere. So let us remedy the situation by kicking off a discussion

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When Best Buy Doesn't Buy Best

By Benjamin S. Woo

As with most parts of the country, the weekend newspaper brings with it a voluminous number of weekly specials at the major retail chains. One of the most important read for me, is the Best Buy circular. It forms the basis of a non-scientific, but nonetheless important metric by which I observe the retail technology market - Ben's Best Buy Index.

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