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On a wave of announcements of new retail PLM engagements from other PLM vendors (see my last blog post ), last week Siemens PLM and Tata announced Teamcenter for softlines, hardlines and footwear (SH&F). This is timely to say the least, as retailers across segments, are seeking to bring safe, quality products to market faster and at as low a cost as possible. Extended supply chains present communication and workflow challenges that can only be solved by leveraging technology that streamlines processes a

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Advocating Immersive Shopping Experience

By Ivano Ortis

Advocating Immersive Shopping Experience (ISE) capabilities represent now a fundamental industry milestone for those retailers that want to differentiate the customer experience. Which technologies can enable consumers with an immersive shopping experience that can build loyalty and valuable, more profitable consumer relationships?

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I thought I'd outline some of the takeaways from this year's Conference in Las Vegas.  Please read the newsletter piece for a more complete roundup of the show.  I am also attaching a Retail E-Commerce Maturity figure that I'd love to have critiqued.  I welcome comments.

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"Inconspicuous Visibility" – that's a phrase you probably have not heard before.  I certainly haven't, but I couldn't resist the temptation right after publishing a piece on retail ecommerce with the term "inconspicuous consumption" in the title. If you think about it, "visibility" is a term that makes executive's eye's roll and the refrain "lalalalalala" echo in their ears. It's not that retailers don’t want supply chain visibility and seamless workflow, but how many times can one be told

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