Retail Mobility Interview - IT World Interviews Leslie Hand

By Leslie Hand – December 7, 2012
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After a series of 4 retail mobility events in Canada, IT World interviewed IDC Retail Insights Research Director Lesie Hand regarding the maturity, challenges and opportunities for retailers progressing on the path towards retail mobility and omnichannel commerce.


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Leslie Hand

Research DirectorIDC Retail Insights

As Research Director for IDC Retail Insights, I provide fact-based research, analysis and thought leadership on supply chain, sourcing, product lifecycle management, sustainability, workforce…


John McArthur said 3 years ago

Leslie, We are seeing that with the addition of  mobile devices and more applications in the retail stores, the need for high availability for those applications is increasing.

OfflinePhoto of Leslie Hand Leslie Hand said 3 years ago

I absolutely agree!  Rapid deployment methodologies will also be increasingly important.

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Leslie Hand
December 7, 2012

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