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OfflineGreg Girard
April 21, 2014

The "Give to Get" Exchange Means Learning to Earn the Privilege

Contrary to common wisdom, our recent IDC Retail Insights Annual Shopper Survey revealed that only a minority of consumers are openly disposed to the "give to get" exchange of private information for guidance dependent on a retailer having access to personal information. Retailers have to learn to earn the privilege of engaging consumers based on their activities on social network, mobile apps, 3rd party apps, and You Tube, to get beyond their being comfortable with you know with what they've purchased. Only about 50% of retailers have a formal governance process for managing "give to get" data, creating risks for individual retailers and the industry overall. On the positive side, behaviors associated with privacy spending and guidance seeking, e.g., using five or more connected devices or seven or more apps, are ascendant.

OfflineGreg Girard
April 4, 2014

Oracle Industry Connection 2014: The Retail Angle

We attended Oracle Industry Connection 2014 last week--its inaugural multi-industry customer conference fashioned after its successful retail industry event CrossTalk. The event offered additional proof points that Oracle's broad set of applications, technologies, services, and partners are well suited to meeting the needs and aspirations of large and mid-sized retailers in fashion, food, and hardline segments.

OfflineLeslie Hand
March 29, 2014

Becoming Omni-Channel: How One Shopping Journey Could Have Been Better

If you know me, you know that I love retail, and you know that I like to shop - what better way to understand what's going on in the business ;-). Those of you that worked with me in the distant past might remember when I wore skirts and dresses to work, but I pretty much stopped doing that 10 or so years ago. I still like to dress up once in awhile, and I usually reserve wearing dresses for special occasions. My colleagues who saw me at dinner last week got to experience the dressed up, out of workplace Leslie, and most reported that I "clean up nicely"! I say this because it is an important factor in the story I am about to tell about the search for a dress for a planned black tie affair. I tell this story as a reference for how the retail experience needs to change in the very near future.

OfflineLeslie Hand
February 19, 2014

ThirdLove: At the Intersection of 3D Modeling, Mobile and Personalized Prod…

Packed full of accounts of the successes, challenges, and requirements facing retail mobile implementers, my day chairing the retail track at Mobile AppsWorld on February 6, 2014, was well worth the trip to San Francisco. I plan on writing about several of the topics that were discussed, and in this piece I will focus on a start-up vendor that fascinated me during a panel session I hosted. The vendor, ThirdLove, fascinated me with a capability and product that leverages patented mobile and 3D technology to sell custom fitted bras (that it designs and produces).

OfflineLuca Bonacina
February 11, 2014

The National Retail Federation's Big Show 2014 - An European Perspective

We all know that the National Retail Federation's (NRF) is a worldwide event, where all the major technology companies showcase to the entire world all their major innovations and breakthrough that will be marketed worldwide. Although the event itself is global, we had the possibility to directly engage with many IT vendors' representatives taking care of the Europe. In this short post, we will briefly summarize the most important discussion points we had around the European region. Before going into more details, it is important to say that each IT vendor – we spoke with – had its personal and own vision of the European market; however, some common elements emerged around the high level dynamics.

OfflineGreg Girard
January 21, 2014

NRF 2014--An Analytics Perspective

Naturally enough, and appropriately so, NRF 2014 signaled that the year ahead will see business intelligence vendor, services companies, and broad footprint application vendors strengthening their analytic applications and services for generating profit and engaging customers. Overall the largest-ever NRF Big Show gave plenty of evidence that retail technology investment is ramping up. At one end of the market, we expect that given the maturity of application and services offers on the market now and the experience, diligence, and leadership with which retail buyers of technology are moving ahead, we will see positive momentum of success building on success. At the other, we expect continuing experimentation and innovation where success can rise Phoenix-like from failure.

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