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As the market for robotics continues to grow, innovators are capitalizing on this growth by developing components, in this case an end effector, that help to give robots a boost in terms of their capabilities. It is such innovations that are capturing the attention of the VC and private equity communities, where 2016 saw an increase of over 100% in the value of investements to robotics related companies reaching over $1.8 billion and 3x increase in the number of deals. The money that is flowing into the robotics market is certainly helping to fuel innovations, such as the RightPick, that are making robotics a viable technology in a broader range of industries and use cases.

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HCL recently announced the closure of the Geometric acquisition 10 months after the initial announcement, bringing discrete manufacturing PLM and engineering services expertise from Geometric together with a broad set of industry coverage, cloud computing data center services, embedded systems, and existing engineering services capabilities from HCL. Geometric states that there is little overlap in customers, and already sees joint opportunity with HCL in the market.

The capabilities and knowledge brought together in this acquisition, namely PLM/engineering services, automotive, high tech, and embedded systems, provide customers with a set of connected products services that can support design through after-market service.

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Cloud PLM Showing Signs of Growth?

By Jeff Hojlo

In our 2017 Product and Service Innovation FutureScape, we predicted that by 2019, 75% of global manufacturers will leverage the cloud for key product innovation processes, and 25% replace their on premise PLM systems.

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