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Autodesk PLM 360: Disrupting PLM?

By Jeff Hojlo

CEO Carl Bass famously pronounced seven years ago (and I'm paraphrasing) that Autodesk does not have plans to launch a PLM product. How times have changed. At the second annual Accelerate PLM 360 user event in Boston earlier this month, it's clear that Autodesk is in fact focused on PLM – cloud PLM to be precise – and even see themselves as "PLM disruptors". They may be right.

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The rise in customer centricity across manufacturers is having a direct impact on the methods and level of aftermarket services that are available to customers of equipment ranging from in-home appliances to plant equipment or construction vehicles. Determining the right balance of visibility and service levels is a critical success factor in customer satisfaction levels and business goals.

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NASSCOM Tech Series on IoT for 'Digital India'

By S Ramachandran

National Association of Software and Services Companies (NASSCOM) is a non-profit association of IT and BPO companies in India. The 8th edition of the 'tech series' of NASSCOM conducted at the Altimetrik office on 31st July was focused on IoT and its ecosystem in India, with participation from the industry, start-ups and academia.

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    Kimberly Knickle says:
    Good question.  I think manufacturers are working to retain those employees that are willing to change with the business and with the technology that's increasingly part of their everyday life.  But no data to prove that theory, unfortunately.
    5 months ago
  • Manufacturing Day, E…
    delger says:
    Based on the data shared above, how important is it for Manufacturers to engage and retain their current employees?  And are you seeing a trend in that regard?
    5 months ago

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