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In my recent post, "Rise of the Machines - 4 Factors Driving an Increase or Robotics in the Manufacturing Supply Chain", I discussed a few elements that are supporting the move towards leveraging robotics in manufacuting. We are certainly seeing a move towards automation in the manufacturing process, and in at least one Chinese Province (Guangdong Province) there is an active effort to replace human labor with robots.

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This blog offers a glimpse into our recently published IDC Planscape: Transforming Service Through Connected Products, a report that includes a decision-making tool for IT professionals to support transforming service through connected products.

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IoT is the most adopted technology in the manufacturing sector in Asia Pacific exclusing Japan (APeJ) region among what IDC calls the "Innovation Accelerators". The other technologies that accelerate innovation are robotics, 3D printing, natural interfaces, cognitive systems and security. In the most recent study conducted by IDC Manufacturing Insights in APeJ, more than 55% of the respondents are at various stages of IoT adoption, closely followed by next generation security. But the areas of application of IoT are generic in nature, for remote monitoring and management of assets for tracking safety, security, utilization and maintainability. 'Connected products' are quickly catching up.

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IDC Manufacturing Insights thinks it's time to evolve simple reporting and analytics on the product development process to a broader PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) analytics capability. Why? One word: complexity.

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