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The impact of the omni-channel revolution is being felt across every element of business today including warehousing and fulfillment strategies. Customers today are more connected, more informed, and more demanding than ever before, and as a consequence, manufacturers are forced to reevaluate their fulfillment strategies in order to meet ever increasing demand for fast, accurate, and low cost delivery of product to the customer. One element of this adaptation is for manufacturing firms to evaluate the viability of a micrologistics network.

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This blog offers additional insight gained from IDC Manufacturing Insight's recently fielded Product & Service Innovation 2015 Survey, more specifically in the area of service innovation.

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We recently attended the IFS World Conference in Boston where the release of IFS Applications 9 was a big topic on the agenda, as was providing a platform for handling the "disruption" that exists in the market today. As IFS CEO Alastair Sorbie said in his keynote, "disruptions empower you, or put you out of business." Subsequent presentations and discussions highlighted the IFS case as to why it can provide the platform to empower manufacturers.

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It's been at least a couple years since I published a document with the word "sustainability" in the title, but that's not because environmental sustainability has become any less important to manufacturers. Instead, I've seen environmental sustainability become more embedded into processes and products over time. I think sustainability is still a topic worth discussing, especially in the context of our cross-company and cross-value chain themes that we highlighted in our 2015 predictions for manufacturers – product quality and customer centricity.

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