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As global manufacturers sort through how to employ a unified product and service innovation approach to best succeed in today's global economy, we thought it an optimal time to field a survey to determine current product and service innovation methods, practices, and plans. My colleague Heather Ashton and I are in the midst of writing our report on the results, but thought we'd provide a preview.

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On May 19, the State Council officially unveiled the long-anticipated “China Manufacturing 2025” master plan which aims to accelerate the innovative development of the manufacturing industry and the transition of China from a large manufacturing country to a world manufacturing power. The plan will certainly provide a powerful boost to China’s manufacturing industry and favor Manufacturing ICT market.

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This blog post provides a summary of IDC Manufacturing Insights' attendance to the recent PTC LiveWorx conference, which took place in Boston May 4-7, 2015.

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This blog offers a glimpse of some of the topics and technologies covered in our recently published study, IDC TechScape: Worldwide Manufacturing Connected Products Technologies, 2015

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