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In the analyst meet at the SOLIDWORKS 2015 launch at Bangalore, India on 22nd September, Bertrand Sicot, SOLIDWORKS CEO explained the new offerings and answered a specific question on the company's strategy for the SMB (small and medium business) sector, a sizeable and growing market to be addressed in Indian manufacturing and globally. Due to the diversity and geographical spread of the SMB segment, it is a 100% indirect sales model common across countries, through resellers who provide proximity to users. It is a key segment generating 75% of the revenue from 99% of the SOLIDWORKS licenses.

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Leveraging Collaboration for Service Innovation

By Heather Ashton

This article takes a closer look at how IT suppliers are helping manufacturers apply social technologies to support collaboration during product maintenance and after-sales service.

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Earlier in August, at their Oracle Transportation Management (OTM) Special Interest Group, Oracle announced that beginning with their next fiscal quarter, both OTM and Global Trade Management (GTM) would be available via the Oracle cloud.

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