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This blog takes a closer look at how SAP SE is bringing to market an offering for commodity management for producers, converters, and consumers of commodities.

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This is shaping up to be the Year of the Customer, in industries far and wide beyond the "usual suspect" of Retail. In Manufacturing, we are seeing a significant shift in focus across industry sub-segments toward a customer-centric approach that permeates the supply chain, corporate strategy, and operations. Leading manufacturers have adopted a "customer-first" mindset with unprecedented speed, and are seeking to drive that centricity throughout every business process that touches a customer at some point.

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  • Manufacturing Day, E…
    Kimberly Knickle says:
    Good question.  I think manufacturers are working to retain those employees that are willing to change with the business and with the technology that's increasingly part of their everyday life.  But no data to prove that theory, unfortunately.
    4 months ago
  • Manufacturing Day, E…
    delger says:
    Based on the data shared above, how important is it for Manufacturers to engage and retain their current employees?  And are you seeing a trend in that regard?
    4 months ago
  • Webcast: The Importa…
    Jeff Hojlo says:
    Thanks for your comments - agreed.  Nice article, and I look forward to our next conversation.
    Best Regards,
    5 months ago
  • Webcast: The Importa…
    Antony Bourne says:
    I agree with your comments in the webcast and also am of the same opinion, and think that manufacturers need to take small steps on this journey since it is not an on/off switch that they need to use, but a process in which they make improvement after improvement since a lot of learning will happen along the way.
    I also have written a blog…
    5 months ago

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