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Cisco's increasing focus on IoT not as a separate line of business but getting into main stream was evident from the analyst event in Bangalore held on December 8th and 9th. The strategy to develop the ecosystem and partners is continuing. The most recent partnership announced in the event is the tie-up with IL&FS to develop smart cities. The IoE strategy to connect people, products, processes and data at all levels starting from entire cities to discrete products is interesting. Feasibility studies and piloting on smaller scales have been implemented and what would be vital is to display scalability on a wider canvas. Navi Mumbai is the example implementation of a smart city for Cisco.

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This blog expands upon one of the ten Decision Imperatives that are part of our upcoming IDC Futurescape: Worldwide Manufacturing Product and Service Innovation 2015 Predictions report.

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While recent research suggests that there is still more to do, it is clear that the US manufacturing sector has made great strides in leveling the global playing field. For small and midsize manufacturers (SMBs) the competitive environment has always been intense, but advanced technology is increasingly making a difference for firms looking to improve productivity and compete on a global scale.

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