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While attending the recent Infosys analyst event a number of thoughts arose regarding the opportunity services providers have during this time of massive innovation transformation due to the fourth industrial revolution (better known as Industry 4.0), the Internet of Things (IoT), and the digitization of the entire enterprise.

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New to the IDC Manufacturing Insights team

By Jeff Hojlo

It has of course been a whirlwind first month at IDC for me from benefits and IT on-boarding, to starting my first projects and meetings as the PLM analyst on the IDC Manufacturing Insights team. After 5 years with AMR Research and 5+ with Siemens PLM, I look forward to covering a market I know a little about and reconnecting with many of the colleagues I once worked with.

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This blog summarizes an upcoming IDC Manufacturing Insights Perspective covering the recently completed GE Intelligent Platforms User Summit, which took place last month in Orlando, Florida.

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Reimagining the Manufacturing Enterprise

By Lorenzo Veronesi

The manufacturing industry today is in the middle of a seismic shift that has implications for every business element of the sector as digitization transforms the way the industry does business. To understand this change, it is worth taking a historical view. In recent research by TCS, we studied the patterns that defined the evolution of the manufacturing industry. We identified five defining moments, or ’waves’:

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The timing of CII's (Confederation of Indian Industry) 7th Annual Manufacturing Conference held in Bangalore on 14th and 15th November was apt. The theme was matching the PM's call for 'Make in India' – "Rejuvenating Indian Manufacturing". It was a platform for large enterprises to share their initiatives and best practices, software and other vendors to talk about their offerings and eventually all participants and primarily the SME sector to take away good practices to help them stay ahead of competition and grow. Educational institutes were also part of it to give a glimpse of what the real world is for aspiring graduates. Policy makers were present to share new industrial policies and how it is making the job of running businesses easier.

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