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The Dell Annual Analyst Conference (DAAC) 2014 held in September covered Dell's journey specifically in the Indian context in the past one year post privatization, including a status check on the details shared in the previous event DAAC 2013. With no detailed quarterly reporting of performance, Dell's focus is on the relevancy of offerings to customers measured using the NPS (Net Promoter Score). There has been an 18% increase in the YoY NPS score.

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Field Service - A Personal Tale

By Heather Ashton

As manufacturers increasingly turn to after-sales service and customer interactions to boost profit margins and deliver new sources of revenue, the area of field service is coming under the microscope as an entry point for service innovation.

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A collection of academics, engineers, and industry professionals gathered recently on the MIT campus to discuss the present state of the Internet of Things and consider how best to create a promising future for the technology. This blog highlights some of the key ideas that were shared during an IoT Thought Leaders Panel.

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This IDC Manufacturing Insights perspective summarizes the recent Conference on Promotion of the Digital Manufacturing held in Beijing on 21rst and 22nd Sep, 2014. Over 500 enterprises and individuals attended it. The theme of the conference was how to build the digital factory of the future.

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