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Recent MIT research evaluates the implications of connecting (or disconnecting) innovation and manufacturing production. This blog highlights the MIT Production in the Innovation Economy Conference, where MIT professors and guests discussed the findings.

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We've just started reviewing our 2013 IDC Global Technology and Industry Research Organization IT Survey, and I can already identify some interesting findings that relate to adoption patterns for social investments for manufacturers.

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PLM and product recalls

By S Ramachandran

PLM is no longer the life line only for new product introductions. CIOs need to ensure that the system is capable of handling product recalls efficiently for meeting quality standards with no cost overshoots. Case in point is the recent automobile recalls witnessed in the Indian market. Members of the Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers (SIAM) have proactively implemented a “Voluntary Code on Vehicle Recall” policy effective July 1st 2012 to ensure safety and customer satisfaction. With a spate of recent recalls like the 114,000 recall of Chevrolet Tavera SUV due to faulty reporting of engine-emission test results, the government is planning to introduce a mandatory vehicle recall policy.

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