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HANA Moves Into the Manufacturing Industry Suite

By Kimberly Knickle

IDC Manufacturing Insights recently attended a couple of SAP events that provided insight on its future direction - the analyst-only “industry base camp” held at SAP's US headquarters in Newtown Square, PA that concentrates on its vertical industry initiatives and a “customer value network” event in Chicago that featured customer case studies across a diverse set of industries and lines of business. This highlights our collective learning on how manufacturers can move forward (and are moving forward) with HANA.

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This blog is authored by myself, Pierfrancesco Manenti, Bob Parker, and Amy Rowell. IDC Manufacturing Insights attended the Dassualt Systemes 2013 Analyst event in Paris in June, and we share some of our highlights in the following perspective.

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Product manufacturers are continually challenged to deliver the "right" product to the right market in a timely manner, but the majority fail to do so consistently due to an inability to fully capitalize on their product development and innovation efforts. In fact, our research suggests that across industries, only about 25% of research projects result in a product that reaches the market, and of those that reach the market, two-thirds fail to meet the original expectations. Staggeringly this research suggests that almost 45% of resources allocated to product development and commercialization are potentially wasted! To help companies address these challenges, IDC Manufacturing Insights has introduced a new vitality-stability framework for portfolio management that is intended to help companies achieve a balance between the vitality driven by innovation to exploit new markets and product opportunities, and the stability facilitated by reuse which benefits from well-established business practices and an experienced workforce.

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Consumer products (CP) manufacturers invest significantly in understanding what the retail customer and the end consumer want and need through sales and marketing efforts. IDC Manufacturing Insights recently collaborated with CGT on the 2013 Sales & Marketing Report and associated conference, and I'd like to share some highlights from the report, with examples of how CP manufacturers are investing in sales and marketing and for what benefit

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Are You Smarter Than A…Service Supply Chain?

By Sheila Brennan

Most manufacturers' service organizations today are tasked with delivering higher profits and innovative service revenue models. Fortunately, smart technologies, such as sensors and data acquisition systems, along with ubiquitous connectivity and data analytics have become increasingly viable and affordable, providing these companies with new platforms for value creation. However, most companies are not yet equipped to deliver these, nor do they fully appreciate the organizational transformation and investment required to successfully go from a product-centric to a service-centric organization.

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As mobile apps continue to proliferate throughout the manufacturing organization, we are seeing companies grapple with how to best manage these apps. One trending question today is when it makes sense to funnel mobile app delivery for employees, partners, and eventually customers through a corporate app store and how to design, develop, deploy and manage the corporate app store.

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