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Teradata PARTNERS 2013

By Heather Ashton

This article is an excerpt from an upcoming report that recounts what IDC Manufacturing Insights took away from the sessions run by Teradata partners and customers and by the company itself at the recent Teradata PARTNERS User Group in Dallas, TX.

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This IDC Manufacturing Insights commentary recounts some of the key highlights from the recent 2013 Siemens PLM Analyst Event, held September 4th, 5th in Boston, MA, including the launch of the company's new "Industry Catalyst" offerings. With the introduction of its "Industry Catalyst" series for accelerating PLM deployments, Siemens PLM continues to build on its vision to deliver more industry-focused, customer-driven PLM offerings.

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Connected Vehicles - Overcoming Barriers

By Sheila Brennan – 1 Comment

In a recent Detroit trip, it was reinforced to me that there are still no rules in the connected vehicle world, as the entire market is still affectionately referred to as the "Wild West." Each automaker has taken an independent approach in the development of its brand of connected vehicle. But, while essentially 'anything goes', it is important to keep in mind that many of the "traditional" players still think traditionally, and most partnerships will need to transcend this thinking.

To advance and accelerate the evolution of the connected vehicle ecosystem and enable productive relationships that produce profitable revenue models and comprehensive end-user and societal value, we've identified some of the most glaring hurdles that need to be tackled and overcome.

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Unleashing the Value of PLM Analytics

By Amy Rowell

According to a recent software forecast by IDC, the worldwide analytics software market is expected to grow at a 9.7% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) through 2017. But what does this actually mean for manufacturers? What options are available to manufacturing organizations seeking to leverage analytics, and in particular, PLM analytics, in order to make more informed decisions?

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SAP HANA – takeaways for Indian manufacturing

By S Ramachandran

The 2nd SAP India Analyst Forum hosted in August in SAP Labs, Bangalore had sessions on new products launched, future road map, innovation agenda and collaboration/co-innovation with partners. SAP was keen to highlight the benefits of in-memory database HANA, where due to the speed, business problems that could not be solved before or new applications are now conceptualized, designed and solved using HANA. In situations where speed is required for business decisions and where large amount of unstructured data is generated in today's world of connected machines, in-memory databases offer a solution using real time massively parallel processing.

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