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SAP Acquires Ariba!

By Simon Ellis

Yesterday, SAP subsidiary, SAP America, Inc., announced their intention to buy Ariba for approximately $4.3 billion. The transaction is expected to close sometime in the third quarter of 2012, and be accretive to earnings in 2013.

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This IDC Manufacturing Insights blog presents highlights from JDA Focus 2012, held in Las Vegas in May 2012. Leslie Hand and I also review JDA's current strategy and discuss the impact on JDA's continued success in the supply chain application market for those manufacturers that are JDA customers or for those that are considering JDA.

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IBM Supplier Connection - More than a Portal

By Catherine White

Earlier this year Bob Parker, group vice president for IDC Manufacturing Insights, discussed in his blog, "Thank you Mr. President," the idea of intelligent execution for the intelligent economy. In other words, allowing manufacturers to be connected, intelligent, and collaborative. IBM and 15 other major corporations must have read his blog – or at least they think alike.

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On Predictive Asset Maintenance

By Sheila Brennan

It is a well known best practice to plan and schedule asset maintenance. However, with the attrition in revenues most companies face in the uncertain economy, it is more critical than ever to optimize maintenance and minimize unplanned downtime.

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2012 Supply Chain Survey Results

By Catherine White

IDC Manufacturing Insights recently completed its 2012 survey regarding the state of the supply chain today. The survey consisted of 350 U.S.-based manufacturers across all value chains to understand how they are adapting and improving their supply chains, and how technology plays a role in enabling manufacturers to be more successful.

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