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By Joe Barkai

One of most common phrases one hears in when discussing the value of product life-cycle management (PLM) and product data management (PDM) software is that by combining multiple data sources, each representing different aspects of a product, such as architecture and geometries, test information, supply chain considerations, and so forth, these tools can unify information to represent a "single version of the truth." But do PDM tools really represent a single version of the truth? Should they?

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Flagship Warranty Analytics IDC MarketScape

By Sheila Brennan

About two weeks ago we published the first-ever analysis of warranty analytic vendors and their offerings, wrapping up 7 months of in-depth research that included interviews with almost two dozen manufacturers. Through the IDC MarketScape software vendor assessment methodology, we are able to present an evaluation of the capabilities and strategies of the nine key vendors in the warranty analytic software market, and provide essential guidance to IT buyers.

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Is Electronic Procurement the New Norm?

By Catherine White

Earlier in the year I wrote about how consumer goods manufacturers are changing the way they think about procurement. And it turns out many are actually changing not only how they think about it, but also how they manage and consume the software used to run procurement – often no longer on-premise, but in the cloud.

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