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Once again, Simon Ellis and I will research Sales & Marketing in the consumer products industry in conjunction with Consumer Goods Technology.  This research is for brand-oriented consumer products (CP) manufacturers that want to know if they're making the best use of their sales and marketing dollars.  At the same time as they fight for the attention of consumers, these manufacturers are also deciding where they belong on the spectrum between private label and "direct to consumer" and how to

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Consumer Goods Manufacturers Rethink Procurement

By Catherine White

Procurement is one of those dark horses in the consumer products manufacturing world. Retailers have to buy stuff from their suppliers (the manufacturer)  – there's no getting around it. And if the current system isn't broken, manufacturers shouldn't mess with it. Or should they?  


Manufacturers and product development companies have realized immediate cost savings by using Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) software or commonly known as the simulation software, contributing to the growth of CAE market across industry verticals.   Mentor Graphics a key Electronic Design Automation vendor or better known as EDA, recently acquired Flowmaster group.  Flowmaster is a UK based CAE vendor that offers CFD (computational fluid dynamics) software packages, it specializes in simula

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