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Big Thoughts for Earth Day - Addressing the Risks

By Kimberly Knickle

Today, April 22nd, in honor of Earth Day, I'm participating in Enviance's blogathon, with a new blog posted every hour by a number of guest bloggers, and I've answered the question:  What would you define as the most serious environmental risk to our planet and why? You'll also find some great content from my IDC colleagues, also posted as part of our Earth Day celebration at our IDC Insights Community blog:  ICT for Sustainability, including Leslie Hand's blog on Earth Day 2011 - Time to Set New

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A set of 18 CEOs from 3PLs representing the highest in revenue to a cross-section of medium-sized 3PLs (to provide for varying perspectives), were recently interviewed by Katharine O’Reilly, executive director of eyefortransport,  and asked a series of questions on current industry trends and challenges. One of the subject areas involved environmental sustainability and the CEOs were specifically asked: Do you feel that environmental sustainability capabilities have the potential to be a key diff

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Supply Chain Segmentation is Back!

By Simon Ellis

Supply Chain segmentation is not new, despite recent articles to the contrary, as manufacturing companies have explored ways to manage parts of the supply chain differently for the varied requirements of product lines or categories for decades.  Yet, as was true for Sales & Operations Planning in 2010, seems true for supply chain segmentation in 2011 – new life is being breathed into an old concept.

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I have a friend that works for Yum! Brands out of Louisville, KY and she is continually concerned  about the impact new marketing promotions have on the ability to supply  company-owned stores with chicken;  as well as the overall availability of chicken throughout the supply chain. Imagine a customer showing up at a KFC and not being able to purchase chicken - simply unacceptable. Redundancy and day old chicken in the supply chain however are also not acceptable. Bob Parker, group vice presi

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By Simon Ellis

Although 'software-as-a-service' and 'cloud' are all the rage, in the supply chain space – particularly logistics and fulfillment – 'as-a-service' has proven to be tricky.  Certainly there are some interesting offerings from companies like GT Nexus, but for many manufacturers, the heavily outsourced nature of physical logistics has made the implementation of SaaS problematic.  

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