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SAP Influencer Summit: The Need for Speed!

By Simon Ellis

The theme of speed was prominently displayed at the SAP Influencer's Summit in Boston this week. To the degree that manufacturers are dealing with a more rapid pace of business, a number of technologies seem poised to provide some 'relief'.  Indeed, during one of the keynote panel discussions at the summit, a gentleman from Heinz made what I felt to be the defining comment of the day.

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Bob Parker and I recently took part in the Next Generation Manufacturing conference hosted in Austin, TX, The theme of the conference centered on managing complexity.  If this sounds familiar it's because we participated in a similar program earlier in the year in Spain.  Once again, we made a distinction early in the proceedings between "complication" -- essentially waste which should be eliminated, and "complexity" -- a fact of life in modern manufacturing given the advanced

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Lifelike Progress at Dassault

By Robert Parker

One of the most challenging things a software company can do is re-platform its underpinning technology.  It is a thankless job, most customers don't appreciate the long term benefits and certainly don't want the near term sacrifices of less incremental functionality.  Similarly, prospective customers worry that they are getting in at the first iteration of a product which is often associated with performance risk.

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