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Rockwell Automation: Chicago Automation Fair 2011

By Catherine White

I recently attended the 20th annual Automation Fair in Chicago, IL presented by Rockwell Automation, an industrial automation vendor headquartered in Milwaukee, WI. There were over 12,000 attendees from various segments of the manufacturing industry and over 125 different vendors on the show floor. The show kicked off with the usual "setting the stage" for growth in the economy – including how the middle class will expand (and hopefully buy more) and the increasing contribution of emerging market coun

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What Do I Stand For?

By Simon Ellis

  As we approach the end of 2011, and start to look towards 2012, I have been thinking a lot about where the supply chain organization will need to focus to be a more successful partner to their business.  Over the last couple of years, IDC Manufacturing Insights has framed each year with an overall theme for the supply chain: In 2010, it was the notion that manufacturing companies would begin the process of fundamentally rethinking their supply chain structures, evolving from a fixed-cost-driven

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The Enablon Sustainable Performance Forum

By Catherine White

The 3rd annual Enablon Sustainable Performance Forum, held at the Trump International Hotel & Tower in Chicago, IL. Enablon, a provider of sustainability performance software, started the meeting in an interesting manner - with a safety discussion. The head of security at Trump stood up before the key note and gave us precise directions on how to evacuate the building should there be an emergency. But, I digress. The forum itself brought together executives from Global 2000 organizations, the BSR, the C

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Design Suite with Sweet Rewards

By Sheila Brennan

 Marcello Martino Design, a small London design firm, epitomizes the efficiency and capability that can be gained in moving from using a hodgepodge of applications to an integrated design suite.  In general, design suites offer optimized user experience, efficient user-based workflows, and simple and economical purchasing. 

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This past Tuesday we held a webinar to examine the Impact of Vehicle Electrification on Technician Safety research results and discuss industry stakeholder recommendations. Joe Barkai and I were joined by distinguished guest speaker Mark Saxonberg, an SAE representative and manager of Advanced Fuel Vehicles, Environment, Industry and Government Relations at Toyota Motor Sales. Questions and comments streamed in during and after the webinar about the study, service information and supporting technology, indu

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