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Oracle Open World: All Systems Go

By Kimberly Knickle

Bob Parker, Joe Barkai, Sheila Brennan, and I recently attended the Oracle Open World conference in San Francisco.  We've pulled together our thoughts, with some of the more interesting word play coming from our very own Bob Parker, of course.   At 45,000 attendees, this was the largest show ever although the energy was, at best, muted due largely to recent news on continued economic uncertainty.  This malaise was magnified further by the passing of Apple's Steve Jobs on Wednesday. 

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Speed in 2012

By Simon Ellis

In last month's IDC Manufacturing Insights newsletter, I discussed the notion of cadence mis-matches in the supply chain, and how companies were struggling with how to better align their operations with ever accelerating demand.  This month, I'd like to share an example. Before I do, however, it seems increasingly clear that reconciling these speed mismatches across the supply chain will be a key challenge in 2012.  How companies manage a demand chain operating at a cadence of hours

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Next Generation Manufacturing - In Practice

By Kimberly Knickle

Bob Parker, Pierfrancesco Manenti, and I recently took part in the Next Generation Manufacturing conference hosted in Spain, with a conference theme centered on managing complexity.  Early in the proceedings, a distinction was made between "complication", essentially waste that should be eliminated, and "complexity", a fact of life in modern manufacturing given the advanced products, dispersed supply networks, and multiple sales channels.  This theme continued throughout the conference;

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I recently attended the MidPack 2011 conference in Chicago. The conference was part of a larger Quality Conference focusing on improving processes within the manufacturing environment through technology. MidPack 2011 looked at packaging challenges and ways to alleviate stress in the supply chain through track and trace technologies and the use of RFID.

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With the economy still foundering it was nice to see the ballroom at the Hilton Chicago filled with over 1,300 attendees for the Chicago stop of the SAP World Tour. Bob Corteau, President of SAP North America, kicked off his keynote address covering the 3 key trends SAP currently views as dominating the market place:   Big Data The Cloud Mobility & Social Media

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Are Electric Vehicles Safe?

By Sheila Brennan – 3 Comments

IDC forecasts that globally, over 2.5 million advanced electric vehicles (EVs) and hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs) will be on the road by 2015. We will see an increasingly growing number of cars containing high voltage batteries, drivetrains and charging equipment.  This means that the frequency with which service technicians will encounter new, complex and potentially dangerous systems will increase. But because there is still a relatively small number of HEVs and EVs, most service technicians have ha

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