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Dear CPG Manufacturer

By Kimberly Knickle – 2 Comments

In March, I'll be presenting at our IDC Directions 2011 conferences in Boston and San Jose.  The topic of my presentation is "The Impact of Sustainability Compliance on IT".  As much as I'd like to think that companies readily acknowledge the (business) benefits of sustainability, I've also noted many times that compliance is a strong motivating factor for sustainability improvements among manufacturers.

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Today, Simon Ellis and I presented our Top 10 2011 Predictions for the Supply Chain.  The overlying theme for our IDC Manufacturing Insights 2011 supply chain predictions is finding the cadence of growth in a complex world. Given the overall view for manufacturing, we see 2011 as a "back on track" and "back to basics" year. 

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    Kimberly Knickle says:
    Good question.  I think manufacturers are working to retain those employees that are willing to change with the business and with the technology that's increasingly part of their everyday life.  But no data to prove that theory, unfortunately.
    4 months ago
  • Manufacturing Day, E…
    delger says:
    Based on the data shared above, how important is it for Manufacturers to engage and retain their current employees?  And are you seeing a trend in that regard?
    4 months ago
  • Webcast: The Importa…
    Jeff Hojlo says:
    Thanks for your comments - agreed.  Nice article, and I look forward to our next conversation.
    Best Regards,
    5 months ago
  • Webcast: The Importa…
    Antony Bourne says:
    I agree with your comments in the webcast and also am of the same opinion, and think that manufacturers need to take small steps on this journey since it is not an on/off switch that they need to use, but a process in which they make improvement after improvement since a lot of learning will happen along the way.
    I also have written a blog…
    5 months ago

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