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Expanding the Boundaries of Environment, Health, & Safety (EHS) On September 22nd, IHS (NYSE: IHS) announced the acquisition of two environment, health, and safety (EHS) vendors -  Atrion International Inc. and Syntex Management Systems Inc. for a combined price of approximately $80 million.  IHS described the acquisitions as complementing and expanding the company’s existing health and safety compliance, product stewardship, and incident/crisis management offerings. IHS also recently ac


Stuxnet. Is this more than an issue for Iran?

By Peter Macaulay – 1 Comment

The Stuxnet malware which attacks SCADA computers has infected more than 30,000 computers in Iran, and there is suspicion that it may have been targeted at Iranian nuclear facilities. On the other hand it is malware and will have infected computers in the rest of the world. Since many manufacturing operations are dependant on their SCADA devices, do we need to raise the level of concern?

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The introduction of the iPhone and, more recently, the iPad, has created a lot of buzz and excitement, often spilling over to less than relevant business activities.  These new shiny objects are so distracting, that many neglect to ask (and answer) some fundamental questions such as: "What business problem does the new device solve?"; "Is it the optimal platform for a solution to the problem?"

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Service is an increasingly important aspect of business for competitive differentiation and improving bottom and top line revenues. However, service information across industries is sub-par, resulting in low repair performance and increased service and warranty costs.  Software as a service (SaaS) -based content delivery offers product companies and service organizations a cost-effective way to disseminate better and timelier information to the field. Enigma has a new SaaS Electronic Parts Catalog (EPC

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Fulfillment on a Global Scale

By Pierfrancesco Manenti – 2 Comments

The ability to exploit and fulfill demand from multiple, global emerging markets is essential for manufacturers looking to drive revenue growth. However, this dispersed opportunity brings business challenges in the form of flickering and scattered demand, elongated supply chains, extended product ranges and configurations matching differentiated consumer bases, and uneven levels of quality and compliance. To achieve excellence in customer fulfilment, manufacturers must ensure that their underlying global pr

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Chrysler Wages War on Warranty

By Joe Barkai – 4 Comments

Chrysler is launching a new dealer process to submit warranty repair of paint, glass and trim damage.  Under the new rules, dealers must submit digital images of the damage with the pre-authorization request to the Central Warranty Contact Center. Chrysler promises dealers faster authorization and payment processing: repair pre-authorization will be granted within 15 minutes of receiving the digital images, and payment of most claims within 48 hours. Traditionally, the pre-authorization and approval pr

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According to Automotive News, GM will upgrade OnStar software on its vehicles remotely using a wireless connection, without requiring the owners to visit the dealership service department.  This may be yet another technology evolution that challenges traditional dealership business will reshape the future of automotive service.

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