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2010 Sales and Marketing Report (Collaboration with Consumer Goods Technology) This report reviews evolving trends in sales and marketing for consumer goods companies, produced by IDC Manufacturing Insights and Consumer Goods Technology magazine. As the industry emerges from the global recession of late — during which consumers searching for greater value in their shopping habits have traded down within product categories — we see companies wrestling with new product mix dynamics and profit vola

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Worldwide Supply Chain 2010 Top 10 Predictions: A Midyear Update By Simon Ellis Document # MI224565, August 2010 This IDC Manufacturing Insights Perspective looks at the top 10 supply chain predictions for 2010 and where they stand at about the midpoint of the year.

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Deloitte Sustainability Survey: Give Us Structure

By Kimberly Knickle

This summer, Deloitte released the results of a sustainability survey conducted in late 2009 to early 2010 with 48 companies.  Although Deloitte defined the survey as cross-industry, I'd classify all but four of those respondents in manufacturing.    I particularly liked the way Deloitte complemented the results with its own experience to present key messages Deloitte believes many sustainability leaders might tell their executive teams as important lessons learned.  Here's one of my fav

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What's in a name?  Environment, Health & Safety, Carbon, Emissions, Energy, or Sustainability Management?  Take your pick. The past couple months, I've been struggling through a multi-report research project that tries to achieve multiple goals, including mapping software applications that serve the spectrum of needs manufacturers have between environmental health and safety (EH&S) and sustainability.  I've also defined this as the range between regulatory compliance and voluntary ste

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