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On April 21st, SAP announced its intent to acquire environmental, health and safety (EH&S) partner TechniData AG, and the acquisition should be completed in the beginning of the third quarter of 2010.  In fiscal year 2008, TechniData recorded sales of EUR 64.9 million One phrase in the press release summarizes the announcement best:   this acquisition is the next logical step.  There's more marketing spin in the rest of that statement, but this is one of those deals that has appeared

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In our 2010 supply chain survey of 400+ U.S. manufacturers, IDC Manufacturing Insights asked "How important is driving environmental or social sustainability initiatives in the supply chain?"   The good news is that 58% think it's important.  Because this wasn't a sustainability survey, we don't ask them out right why sustainability in the supply chain is important.   But we can see correlations to other issues that have high importance - like risk avoidance and risk management. &nb

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Supply Chain Innovation 2010 Survey Results

By Kimberly Knickle – 2 Comments

IDC Manufacturing Insights and IDC Retail Insights recently conducted a supply chain survey of 415 U.S. manufacturers and 179 U.S. retailers.   The survey was designed to identify key business and supply chain issues, as well as how manufacturers and retailers expect to use IT resources to address those objectives and challenges.  Because we conducted a similar survey in 2007, we can also evaluate how supply chain needs are changing.   

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