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Autodesk in 3D: Analyst Day Highlights, Boston 2010

By Sheila Brennan

Three major topics emerged from Autodesk's analyst day, held at its Architecture, Engineering and Construction headquarters in Boston: Moving customers beyond 3D, Autodesk's focus on sustainability, and Autodesk Labs.

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We Just Need to Forecast Better!

By Simon Ellis

A familiar refrain for most us that have grown up in the manufacturing industry.  You've just had a substantial customer service failure, done a detailed root cause analysis, found a number of contributing factors, and then reported back to the leadership of the business that, well, 'we need to improve our forecast accuracy'!  And that may well be the case! However, based on some research that IDC Manufacturing Insights is conducting, it is our premise that if a particular company's forecasting ca

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Profitable Proximity Sourcing 2011

By Simon Ellis

At IDC Manufacturing Insights, we have recently conducted a supply chain survey of 204 US-based manufacturers asking them about their plans and priorities for global sourcing in 2011, and beyond.  Specifically, the survey covers five areas: Understand trends and factors influencing those trends for direct material sourcing and outsourced manufacturing Identify where manufacturers’ suppliers (of direct materials or outsourced manufacturing) are located, how locations are changing, and why Identify

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More Sustainable Packaging as an Opportunity for Collaboration We recently researched the connection between packaging and sustainability as part of the upcoming report we produced for Consumer Goods Technology's Shared Strategy, a study of the potential challenges and successes of collaboration among retailers and consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies.  Packaging is an interesting topic because of its role in both the supply chain and product lifecycle.

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Last week in Boston, PTC launched Creo, a new family of design software, which CEO Jim Heppelmann proclaimed "is the biggest innovation in the industry in years”.  In great theatrics in a castle-like stone building, four men in orange jumpsuits labeled “Efficiency”, “Creativity”, “Value” and “Innovation” were paraded around and locked in a prison cell.  The metaphor was clear, if over the top, (and continually reiterated throughout the eve

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