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CSC and Chemical Week recently presented findings of their 2010 Sustainability and Compliance Survey completed by over 200 Sustainability and Environment, Health, & Safety (EHS) executives in September and October 2010.   The survey was complemented by 11 in-depth interviews with companies such as AkzoNobel, BASF, Braskem, Celanese, Dow, DuPont, and Syngenta, as well as industry organization SOCMA.  The research results are as expected across many of the topics; for example, regulatory re

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Involved in Warranty? You NEED to Read This!

By Sheila Brennan

IDC Manufacturing Insights, and The Institute of Warranty Chain Management (iWCM) need your help to conduct an assessment of the warranty processes across industry so that we can develop an industry framework to assist companies in realizing improvements. The results of this survey will be summarized and organized to help you evaluate the maturity of your own warranty operations against the aggregate results of your peers. 

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"OEMs, Start Your (Electric) Engines"

By Sheila Brennan – 2 Comments

All major automotive OEMs anticipate having an all electric (EV) or hybrid vehicle (HV) offering by 2011 in response to worldwide concerns about the environment and aggressive regulations for fuel economy and vehicle emissions. As a result, all major OEMs are dealing with or have made the decision to develop, buy or partner for the instrumental motor and battery technology, but it does not appear that there is a consensus or prevailing strategy.

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