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We just published our report on supply network optimization – "Best Practices: Supply Network Optimization in Asset-Oriented Value Chains (AOVC)" (MI220746).  Our research was geared toward asset-oriented manufacturers (those with significant asset investments, primarily chemicals, metals, and pulp and paper), because we believe complexity in this segment's greater supply chain, including production, can be well served by supply network optimization (SNO).  Optimization tools will play a sig


GM Opts to Keep Opel

By Benjamin Friedman

GM’s decision not to sell its Opel division to automotive-parts supplier Magna International Inc. has generated discord with workers’ unions in Germany, as well as the German and Russian governments. Union and legislative protest against GM’s decision will peak in the short term. Nevertheless, Opel’s non sale provides a glimpse of GM’s forward strategy in locations such as Eastern Europe. Moreover, the company’s choice not to divest Opel is a reflection of GM’s incr

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Sustainability - SAP's Push to See the Data Clearly

By Kimberly Knickle

Catching up on work after travel in the end of October and some time off, I'd like to return to one of the events I recently attended in New York City – SAP's World Tour.  After a lead in presentation about how SAP can help companies achieve "business clarity" and plenty of references to seeing clearly, I began to formulate the title a la Bob Parker, our VP in Manufacturing Insights and a fan of song titles for his articles – something based on the song "I Can See Clearly Now". 

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