Siemens PLM Launches "Industry Catalysts" to Accelerate PLM Deployments - and other 2013 Siemens PLM Event Highlights

By Amy Rowell – October 31, 2013
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This IDC Manufacturing Insights commentary recounts some of the key highlights from the recent 2013 Siemens PLM Analyst Event, held September 4th, 5th in Boston, MA, including the launch of the company's new "Industry Catalyst" offerings. With the introduction of its "Industry Catalyst" series for accelerating PLM deployments, Siemens PLM continues to build on its vision to deliver more industry-focused, customer-driven PLM offerings.


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Amy Rowell is the Research Manager for IDC Manufacturing Insights' Product Lifecycle Strategies practice. Her research focuses on topics and challenges that relate to product lifecycle economics,…


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