Productive, Disruptive… or "Reckless" Innovation: Is Your Product Portfolio Strategy Working?

By Amy Rowell – July 26, 2013
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Product manufacturers are continually challenged to deliver the "right" product to the right market in a timely manner, but the majority fail to do so consistently due to an inability to fully capitalize on their product development and innovation efforts. In fact, our research suggests that across industries, only about 25% of research projects result in a product that reaches the market, and of those that reach the market, two-thirds fail to meet the original expectations. Staggeringly this research suggests that almost 45% of resources allocated to product development and commercialization are potentially wasted! To help companies address these challenges, IDC Manufacturing Insights has introduced a new vitality-stability framework for portfolio management that is intended to help companies achieve a balance between the vitality driven by innovation to exploit new markets and product opportunities, and the stability facilitated by reuse which benefits from well-established business practices and an experienced workforce.


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Amy Rowell

Research Manager, Product Lifecycle StrategiesIDC Manufacturing Insights

Amy Rowell is the Research Manager for IDC Manufacturing Insights' Product Lifecycle Strategies practice. Her research focuses on topics and challenges that relate to product lifecycle economics,…


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