Our Top 10 Emerging Agenda Predictions for Manufacturers - Big Data, Cloud, Mobile, Social Business, & More

By Kimberly Knickle – January 18, 2013
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In our IDC Manufacturing Insights Worldwide Top 10 Manufacturing Predictions, we highlighted the fact that manufacturers are embarking on the next wave of productivity initiatives. IT is an integral part of manufacturers' productivity improvements - across processes, ecosystems and business networks, individual employees, and managers, as well. The IT organization and its use of IT assets must also be more productive. We believe the adoption of 3rd platform technologies - big data, cloud, mobile, and social - is going to play a big part in the productivity wave. Along the way, these technologies are consuming a growing percentage of ICT budgets. By 2020, IDC expects 40% of all ICT spend to be driven by 3rd platform technologies that today represent just 22% of ICT spend. To identify how manufacturers will adapt their IT investments in the coming year, we've published our Top 10 predictions for the emerging agenda - encompassing the 3rd platform technologies of big data, cloud, mobile, and social, and topics that are changing the way manufacturers buy and use IT, such as environmental sustainability and security/risk.


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