IT Security And Manufacturing: Making It Work In CEMA

By Martin Kubáň – April 1, 2014
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IT security is changing visibly in response to threats arising from the latest technological developments. Organizations must cope with more complex IT environments, including the rapid growth of web-based technologies in business (e.g., cloud computing, social networks, and mobile apps), the expansion of wireless technologies, the bring-your-own-device (BYOD) trend, and increasingly sophisticated cyberattacks. In March 2014, IDC's prestigious IT Security Roadshow brought together IT professionals, independent experts, and industry leaders to discuss the latest trends and developments that help organizations across all industries to make smart strategic investments in IT security, as well as improve the effectiveness of day-to-day operation. This blog brings a view of this event and presents key messages from conference speakers for manufacturers across Central and Eastern Europe, Middle East, and Africa (CEMA).


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